Thursday, September 8, 2011


We’re all like fish in an aquarium, all trapped, limited by boundaries, engrossed in trifles. There are two types of fish in this large glass water tank, one completely unaware of the world outside, unaware of the limits of his world. His universe trapped in that glass tank.

Then, there’s the other kind, that has noticed the world outside and it’s possibilities, it yearns to be free, he knows and is aware of his imprisonment.

Which fish is happier?

What can the fish that has realized what lies beyond do? The pain that comes with realisation is a tragic irony.
I pity the fish that realizes his whole existence is pointless.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


What is the present? How infinitesimal an amount of time would you call the present? If you said 'now' is the present, well, since the time you initiated the action of thought , that 'now' is now in the past. Saying today is the present is absurd , because most of it is already in the past, the same with defining the present as an hour or a second.

The most suitable action then , would be to define the present in terms of some infinitely small instant in time , where reality freezes as a still frame . The previous frame being the past and the next frame being the future. This would obviously involve time ceasing to be continuous and rather a sequence of framed instants , that when played together seems continuous. Like a flipbook animation.

How small is that one instant ? Can it be measured, or does time cease to be. Time , is a measure of change. If change ceases to be, then so should it’s derivative.

So if time, in the present, doesn’t exist, what were we questioning? (well, alright, what was I questioning).

The past is of certainty, and the future of uncertainty, and the present transcends both, it remains the domain of free will.