Friday, August 13, 2010

Happiness and it's Pursuit

All conversations regarding the nature and meaning of life, and it’s purposefulness , seem to end with the question of happiness.

” I believe life has meaning and purpose, and I help and love, to make others happy. All cynicism can do is to make people desperate and cold. ”

How do you identify with the emotion of happiness without the presence of it’s opposite?Could it be that the level of happiness that we are able to perceive depends solely on the depth of sorrow we have experienced?Could it be that happiness is fleeting, not eternal and infinite, for then it would lose it’s meaning? A crest is defined by a trough. Similarly is happiness defined by its opposite?

It is rightly so, that cynicism has no place in the betterment of life, and whether life be devoid of purpose or otherwise, the search for happiness provides it with pseudo-meaning , enriching life. Perhaps cynics loose the desire for happiness , for their melancholy is now their joy, but the shallowest of pursuits finds a place of great depth in the living.

This pursuit of happiness, manifests, into animals, the contentment from intercourse, food, territory . But, among us, humans, it has driven our lives further, making it, in some ways higher and separate from this arbitrary world.

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