Sunday, August 29, 2010

Strings Attached

They gave him his lines, told him what to say, yet, it was the parts where he never spoke, that got to you. He sees their laughter, their joy, something that was always theirs but never his. He sees how they look at him. They try to hide their faces behind his turned back, but sometimes, that isn’t good enough. Some pity what he’s become, a waste of human resource. Some say they fear for him, because they only see what he could’ve become.

Nobody sees the other as a human being – a body built on and from alchemy and science. They don’t see, why, being mortal, any reason is a reason and just as valid.

He made false promises, for them to leave him alone, but now, he finds himself lonely. Why is it wrong to not know what he wants? Will he ever find purpose in what people so readily hold dear?

The most painful, was being judged by those restricted and lesser minded beings, fitting their frame of beliefs around him, wondering how to judge him. He is, to some of them, one who lost his path. “Why don’t they get that their progress doesn’t make sense to me?” . The one life they hold dear, he finds meaningless. They ridicule his disinterest, but he knows – they’re afraid he’s gone too far. He hates the advice they dispense, when all he’s looking for is empathy and an answer.

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